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Tanmay Thakker - Architect Associate

Tanmay Thakker.jpeg

Coming to the US as an international student to pursue my Master’s degree in Architecture was no small decision for me. Totally new environment, new people, a new way of learning methods made me scared for a while. But because of the diversity of Houston, skilled and helpful people around, I was able to successfully complete my Master’s degree in 2018 along with winning the ‘Sharpstown Prize for Architecture’, a single family home design competition. 


Before I graduated, I was able to join MASA as an Architectural Associate in May, 2018. The time here at MASA has been beyond my expectations. Mark’s attention to details, involvement in all the projects and his eagerness to teach us everything that he knows, has been exceptional. The exposure I get here working on different aspects of different projects has been immense. Coming here, I was aware of the totally different construction techniques and I was prepared to assimilate over time but, when I started working here at MASA and saw the designs evolve, it made me think about how two cultures can live in two vastly different ways. It was interesting for me to see how the mindset, the needs and the way of living differs from where I was coming and how greatly it affects the design approach.  


I am also currently working towards my architecture licensure and my next goal is to become a licensed architect here in the US which will open up new roads to excel myself in the field of architecture. 

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