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Construction administration takes place after the design has been completed, all drawings have been completed and approved by the local building department and construction begins.  The client forms a contractual relationship with a contractor, and the architect serves as an ‘overseer’ of the project to ensure that it is built according to the design documents. 

MASA consults with the client and advises during construction. On-site visits help determine if construction is proceeding in general accordance with the construction document and design intent.  It is also the architect’s role to advise if the materials and workmanship meet acceptable standards.

MASA conducts periodic site visits to keep track of the project’s progression and answers any questions that may arise during construction. If necessary, we will review any samples that are turned in by the contractor to ensure that the materials proposed meet the projects specifications and quality standards. If any changes are needed, MASA provides documentation which goes into the project records. If requested by the client the architect may approve the contractor’s applications for payments throughout the duration of construction, based on the amount of work completed as observed during site visits.

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