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As a child, I would draw, paint and build anything, everything. In addition to a vast model-making collection, I would play around in the homes being constructed in our neighborhood, always curious about how the spaces felt and how you experienced light, shadow and volume. From my perspective, it was a living work of 3-d art.  My parents would drive me around Houston so I could take photos of new buildings that were springing up along the skyline. At night, I would memorize all of the statistics of each and every high-rise building in Houston, not to mention the whole USA.

3 dimensional art?  And with that, I was inspired to enter the field of architecture in the College of Architecture at the University of Houston. After thirteen years of training, successful design and management of high quality projects with prominent architecture and interiors design firms in Houston, I decided it was time to channel my hard work ethic into my own firm, MASA Studio Architects in 2006. Along with my artwork, MASA has kept me focused on my core dreams of creating wonderful environments that delight & enhance the human experience. 

Early in my career, I had a habit of passionately designing and detailing everything, mostly because I feared getting "change orders". I'd ask a lot of questions, and always look at things from another perspective. However as I gained more experience, I realized the extra effort gave me an acute understanding of the issues, what the problem was and how to solve it. It has become a hallmark of my work since and am confident we will surpass your expectations. -Mark

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