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Master planning and Conceptual Design is the key difference between a design created by an architect and a design created by a building designer. It is an approach that provides a comprehensive look at where a site is today and what it’s going to take to make its ideal future a reality.  The process associated with this type planning is intensely collaborative, involving not only clients but also various design professionals.  The master planning process is essentially seeing the big picture, looking beyond just the here and now to ensure the design of your project caters for your immediate needs as well as your future requirements.

Applying an integrated design approach to the project during the planning and programming phases requires individuals to continue to interact closely throughout the design process.  The client is involved to contribute their understanding of how the spaces to be reworked or added are to function once they occupy them.  It is up to the MASA to use their expertise to develop the programmatic requirements.   We provide information to clients, allowing them to make decisions regarding their current needs and what to be planned for in the future by helping them develop rough budgeting for implementation. Programming at the individual project level provides specific, detailed information to guide building design.

WLANE Color Plan.jpg
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