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Combining colors and furnishings results in developing a certain feeling for the person experiencing the space.

Colors and materials can make a room feel calm, cheerful, comfortable, stressful, or dramatic. In the same way the correct selection and combination of colors and materials can make a relatively small room seem larger or a large room seem smaller. MASA assists our clients to choose appropriate colors, materials and furnishings for a space so the people that use that space are comfortable and enjoy being in it.For residential design this process is very specific for individual situations.  It solely depends on the needs and wants of our client.   


It is important to start the project with a good understanding of the client’s aesthetic and stylistic preferences.

This information needs to be discussed and taken into consideration from the initial planning stage of a project regardless of the size and scope of the job.  Developing a good interior design is a very involved process that cannot be rushed or haphazardly put together.  MASA gives the time it deserves and fine-tunes it throughout the design phase as it helps realize the clients vision for the space that has been created.

ChevyChase HR04.jpg
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