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Emily Ledbetter - Project Manager

Woman in Suit

The thing about creating Architecture that inspires me most is how it brings together two opposing ideas to form something greater.  This dichotomy happens throughout the process.  Alternating between using a marker on butter paper and a 3D computer model both inform the development in unique ways.  A finely crafted trim detail or a thoughtfully planned campus both reveal beauty but at very different scales.

A modern energy efficient system gives a second life to a historic building.  Ultimately, a well-designed building is where art meets math & science.  Architecture is where you can see firsthand how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

In addition to designing for our studio, I am engaged with the facilities and trustees for her church.  I also volunteer with FAM Houston, a nonprofit working for justice by building empowered community among refugees, immigrants, and local Houstonians.  I recharge by exploring southwest Houston with her dog Laverne, traveling to music festivals, and treasure hunting in antique stores.

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