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Janet Gonzalez - Architectural Intern

Janet Gonzalez.jpeg

I am a first-generation Mexican American from the border cities of El Paso and Cd. Juarez. Growing up on the border has given me a perspective about the marriage of two cultures and how architecture adapts to the needs of each. Two years ago, I was given the opportunity to travel to Colombia for one of my studio projects and I learned that what gives life to architecture is the people who occupy it. I am excited to keep traveling and learning about the relationship between architecture and different cultures. The part of architecture that intrigues me the most is the dualistic play architecture has. It is science and art, technical and aesthetic, rational and poetic. In the short time that I have been at MASA I have been able to explore many of these, and I am excited to keep learning.

In my free time I enjoy visiting museums, practicing yoga, hiking and camping with my two pugs. In the past years I have realized that I love to spend time in nature and the outdoors. The appreciation that I have for nature now has pushed me to learn more about sustainability and living a more conscious lifestyle, for that reason I am working toward my LEED accreditation.

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